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Superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil, single source, first could pressed.


Varieties: Galega, Blanqueta, Cobrançosa, Azeiteira, Redondil


Production method: Only healthy and fully ripened olives are harvested. In the mill, the olives are cleaned, washed and ground, and cannot remain for more than 48 hours. The grinding and centrifugation processes are carried out at a temperature equal to or below 35 ⁰C.


Extra Virgin Olive Oils Characteristics:Extra virgin olive oils with a low and very low acidity, they are slightly thick, have a fruity taste, a yellowish golden colour sometimes greenish, a soft fragrance and taste. They are very characteristic and pleasant to the palate.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Mottagro 250 ml

SKU: 05600343450040
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